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Teaching you to communicate with your dog

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Behavior Consultation


Remote Dog Training

The Easiest Way to Train

Training provided from the comfort of your own home. Remote sessions are provided remotely via video chat services such as Zoom.

Free of Charge
30-45 min & Remote

If you are unsure of how to start addressing a behavioral issue or training goal, Behavior Consulting with The Good Dog may be the right option for you. Consultations are provided remotely via video chat services such as Zoom. Together we will develop a personalized training plan to fit your pet’s needs and your lifestyle.


In Home
Dog Training

Individualized Attention

Each lesson is customized to your training goals and what works best for your dog. Personalized lessons are offered in your home or at our location.

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Group Classes

Taking the dog for a walk

Training On Demand

Puppy Portrait

Puppy Preschool Program

Tug of War

Treating Separation Anxiety

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Gift Certificate

Valid For Any Service

Gift Certificates Available for Any Occasion

Resolve Separation Anxiety w/ Help, Step By Step of the Way

  • Unlimited Remote Behavior Training

  • Unlimited Digital Review of Behavior

  • Unlimited Q&A's (24hr response)

  • Unlimited Training Plan Creation & Revision

Training Focused on Results, Not the Clock
For Pups 6 weeks - 6 months

  • Positive Puppy Socialization

  • Intro to Basic Commands: Sit-Stay, Down-Stay, Come, etc.

  • Common Puppy Behavior-House training, Chewing, Jumping, etc.

Monthly Dog Training Subscription with Unlimited Access to Trainer

  • Unlimited Remote Behavior Training

  • Unlimited Q&A's Available 7 Days of the Week

  • Ongoing Resources Provided As Needed

  • Unlimited Digital Review of Behavior

Socialization and Training

Group Classes offer a healthy and safe setting to positively socialize your dog to new people, places and other dogs while teaching them new behaviors. Group classes are a great play to teach your pet to listen despite environmental distractions.

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