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What is The Good Dog's training methodology?

Our training philosophy is rooted in understanding the dog's perspective. First, we identity why the animal would be motivated to act in a certain way and then we change the human and environmental responses to motivate a change in the dog's behavior. This approach opens lines of communication between both the family and the family pet  and yields better long term results and mutual understanding.
Take jumping on guests, for example: Rover is often seeking attention, motivated by the possibility of affection. By removing the reward of attention and only offering rewards when all four feet are on the ground, Rover will adjust his behavior to earn the rewards he was looking for.

What makes The Good Dog better than other training options?

The Good Dog focuses on the people and their individual pet and their understanding of dog training. Without the owners, training cannot not succeed, so it is our goal to ensure mutual understanding as we embark on the journey together.

With years of experience training inside the shelters, working with dogs surrendered due to bad behavior or deemed behaviorally unadoptable, our trainer is well versed in the gamet of dog behavior. From puppy socialization, basic to off leash obedience and problematic behaviors, is has created endless behavior modification plans for a wide breath of behavior probelms and trained weln a wide variety of behavior problem in the shelter will animals deemed behaviorally untreatable

Which types of animals does The Good Dog Training train?

While we specialize in moderate to severe behavior modification, we also truly enjoy working with puppies and dogs on proper socialization to prevent behavior issues and teach desirable behaviors. All breeds are welcome.

How long will it take/how much will I need to invest?

Each training experience is different. Each dog has a different drive to learn, ability and history. Each Owner has a different motivation and commitment level, different expectations, etc. With a clear understand of your training goals, we can give you a generalized expectation and bottom line.

Do I need to buy a package of training lessons or commit before seeing results?

Absolutely not.  At The Good Dog, we want you to continue training toward your goals because your are motivated by the success and improvement you are seeing weekly.

Is there a guarantee? 

We can guarantee you and your pet will get out what your put in. Through consistent training, your pet's behavior will improve. As you work through the training process, please provide us with feedback. Our goal is not just to meet your expectations, but to surpass them (on a unicorn ridden by a leprechaun flying over a rainbow).

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